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13 January 2020

How to manage complex IT projects

Gone are the days when purchasing new software was mainly the job of procurement departments and driven by economic considerations. Nowadays, IT projects are incredibly complex and require the seamless interaction of many different stakeholders.

Digitisation projects are a good example of this. On the one hand, the requirements of the various business departments have to be determined and specified as concretely as possible. On the other, IT requirements must also be taken into account, since every digitisation project is ultimately based on software and IT processes that must be seen in the overall context of the company's IT landscape. One of the goals of digitisation projects is to avoid isolated solutions. The mistakes of the past should not be repeated.
If these requirements are sufficiently specified, the technical implementation and technologies used must be clarified. In practice, this is often cloud computing, which in most cases is the technical basis of digitisation projects. Moreover, legal compliance must be ensured for all these aspects. The digitised processes and the software used as well as the underlying technologies must be checked for their permissibility for the specific case. Many legal areas are affected here, from data protection to the safeguarding of secrets, from retention periods to supervisory law in regulated industries and consumer protection in e-commerce.
Mastering this complexity is not an easy task. Whether the project is then set up as a classic waterfall project or as a modern agile project is an additional question that ultimately does not change the underlying complexity.
When implementing such projects you need a lawyer who is not only able to answer the relevant legal questions, but also has a deep understanding of complex IT projects. Our technology and digitalisation practice offers exactly that, efficiently and with a high degree of professionalism.