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schönherr privacy academy

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The General EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will change the landscape of data protection significantly. In order to offer detailed and sustainable preparation for all the upcoming changes when the GDPR takes effect in 2018, we have launched the Schoenherr Privacy Academy. We provide you with specific, cutting-edge and practically relevant tutorials, so that you are ready when the GDPR kicks off in 2018.

The Schönherr Privacy Academy is supported by 2 pillars:

  • modules
  • company and industry focused trainings: on demand

pillar 1: modules

  • What's New? (28 September 2016)

Learn all there is to know about the scope of the GDPR and about its innovations, such as privacy design, privacy by default, about certification options and about the data protection impact assessment.

  • Information obligations and rights of data subjects (23 November 2016)

We present and explain how the GDPR fosters the rights of the individual, such as providing the right of data portability, the extended right of the data subject to erasure (the right to be forgotten) and by tightening data breach notification duties.

  • Data transfers to non-EU countries and the Privacy Shield (1 March 2017)

We will update you on the latest developments of the "Privacy Shield", Model Clauses and binding Corporate Rules and we will outline the essential facts on international data transfers and outsourcing under the GDPR.

  • Personal data in an employment context (26 April 2017)

Receive valuable information on intersectional topics between the GDPR and employment law and learn about related topics such as the newly created inhouse data protection officer or how CCTV works under the GDPR.

  • Supervisory authorities and enforcement (31 May 2017)

We provide detailed information regarding the "one-stop-shop" concept, the consistency mechanism, the European Data Protection Board and sanctions (of up to 4 percent of the total worldwide annual turnover). Learn about the new competencies of the supervisory authorities and about their enforcement power under the GDPR. 

pillar 2: company and industry focused trainings: on demand

Each industry and each company has different priorities which specifically need to be addressed when it comes to data protection. To satisfy this demand, we offer you industry- and company-oriented trainings "on demand". 

The Schönherr Privacy Academy modules will be held in German language. If you would like to register, please click here. If you have any questions, please contact 


further reading

Günther Leissler on the GDPR in (in German): Experten gefragt: Verordnung für Datenschutz