A basic primer to internal investigations in CEE

24 June 2019 | schoenherr publications

Internal investigations in companies have become an important aspect of companies’ and corporations’ compliance frameworks, be it in response to an internal or external tip-off, or as part of regulatory scrutiny.
To meet clients´ needs, and to assist clients in compliance-related crises, Schoenherr has established a dedicated unit of specialists from different practice areas across our international offices.
Internal investigations, which inter alia include interviewing employees or collecting and processing data, require answers to various criminal, employment, corporate and data protection law questions.
Presenting a general overview of the key legal issues of internal investigations in Central and Eastern Europe, this primer provides answers to the most urgent questions per jurisdiction covered by Schoenherr.

The internal investigations primer will be hosted on the Schoenherr online Knowledge Portal, which is a comprehensive comparison tool used to research different legal questions across jurisdictions. The portal is designed to be user-friendly and populates answers at the click of a button. You can access the Internal Investigations Primer here.