COVID-19 CEE Legislation Tracker: Highlights from Calendar Week 24

12 June 2020 | newsletters

In this article we provide an overview of the most recent Covid-19 legal developments across CEE. We are constantly monitoring the laws for updates. For a detailed overview, please take a look at the comprehensive cee legislation trackers.

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SME Support by AWS and ÖHT

  • grant-scheme for film and tv productions: grants via aws amounting max. 75% of production costs eligible for funding (with maximum total grant amounting EUR 2,5 m.), provided that production was paused due to COVID measures (find more info here).

For the full overview of the Austrian legislation, please see the Austrian legislation tracker.


Czech Republic    


  • Restaurants may open inside and their gardens and outside eating spaces until 11 pm under certain conditions, such as  minimum distance 1.5  meters between customers, hand sanitizer provided at the entrance, chairs are cleaned and disinfected before each new group of customers, take out window must be cleaned and sterilized every two hours etc.  
  • Museums galleries and similar establishments may be opened if certain conditions are met, such as maximum 500 visitors, at most one visitor per 10m2 of customer accessible area, hand sanitizer available at the entrance etc.
  • Theatrical, musical, film and other artistic performances, sports, culture, religious gatherings, traditional dances and similar gatherings, exhibitions, celebrations, vernissages, circuses, tastings, markets, educational gatherings, celebrations and other large gatherings in outside and inside spaces, both public and private, with at most 500 attendees are allowed under certain conditions.
  • Weddings are allowed with a max of 500 people if certain conditions are met.
  • Religious services with 500 attendees at most are allowed under certain conditions are met.
  • Fitness centers are open, however it is necessary to keep distance of at least two meters and disinfection of the equipment.

For the full overview of the Czech legislation, please see the Czech legislation tracker.



Changes re. entering Hungary:

  • Slovenian citizens / Hungarian citizens coming from Slovenia may enter Hungary;
  • Slovakian, Czech, Austrian and German citizens may enter Hungary;
  • Hungarian citizens coming from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria or Germany may enter Hungary;
  • EEA citizens having permanent residence in Hungary should be treated the same way as Hungarian citizens.

For the full overview of the Hungarian legislation, please see the Hungarian legislation tracker.



Border control / travel restrictions

  • 07/06 (UL 85): Limited border crossings are open for transit. Restrictions apply for non-essential travel. Travelers will as a general rule be placed under 14-day quarantine upon entry to Slovenia (subject to a long list of exceptions – eg. no quarantine Slovenian nationals / foreigners with residence in Slovenia; passengers in transit; passengers entering Slovenia from any of the "epidemiologically safe countries" per the NIJZ list etc.)

For the full overview of the Slovenian legislation, please see the Slovenian legislation tracker.


Stay tuned: The latest developments will be reflected in next week's article.