COVID-19 CEE Legislation Tracker: Highlights from Calendar Week 28

13 July 2020 | newsletters

In this article we provide an overview of the most recent Covid-19 legal developments across CEE. We are constantly monitoring the laws for updates. For a detailed overview, please take a look at the comprehensive cee legislation trackers.

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Banking & Finance and other support measures

  • 08/07 parallel federal bond auction by OeKB (find the result here
  • 07/07: support fund program announced for artists - grants amounting up to EUR 1000,- over a maximum of 6 months. Guideline regulating eligibility criteria, application etc. to follow. Act regulating verification of support measures amended accordingly to encompass support fund for artists (find the amendments here). Procedure to be executed via platform for social insurance scheme for self-employed artists.
  • 02/07-03/07:
    • support measures enacted in form of grants amounting EUR 1 bn (in total) by federal government for investments and projects by Austrian municipalities (in force as of 01/07, find more details here, find the guidelines here);

For the full overview of the Austrian legislation, please see the Austrian legislation tracker.



Financial Support Measures
17/06: The moratorium remains until 12/31

Employment Contracts
17/06: Reduced working time and financial support could be requested until 31/08.

Real Estate & Construction
17/06: Termination moratorium revoked as of 30/06, moratorium on increasing rents was revoked as of the end of the state of emergency

Enforcement procedure
17/06:  onsite enforcements may continue except sites under pandemic restriction

Corporate / M&A
Meetings / Decision making (11/04): The temporary rules allowing no contact meeting and decision making mechanisms remain in force until 31/12.

Intellectual Property
procedural law / deadlines: The exceptional extension of deadlines came to an end on 02/06. Deadlines before the HIPO as well as judicial (court) deadlines are no longer extended.

Hearings, meetings

  • In-person consultations with case handlers are possible only in exceptional cases upon previously set appointments.
  • The access to case files in person is still suspended until further notice.
  • Submission of documents in person is possible in a limited timeframe between 10 and 12 a.m. on working days.
  • The customer service centre physically reopened for its clients, however, wearing face masks is recommended. Hence, e.g. voluntary registration of copyright is possible again.

15/07: Travel restrictions

  • Countries are listed into four categories depending on the number of infections: green, yellow and red where green stands for the lowest, red for the highest risk
  • Hungarian citizens / citizens having permanent residence in Hungary coming from:
    • a green labelled country: no restriction
    • a yellow / red labelled country: compulsory COVID test

if positive: official or home quarantine

if negative: home quarantine for 14 days (except if the person already has two negative tests not older than 5 days)

  • Non-Hungarian citizens coming from:
    • a green labelled country: no restriction
    • a yellow labelled country: compulsory COVID test

if positive: may not enter

if negative: official or home quarantine for 14 days

    • a red country: may not enter
    • individualized exceptions may be requested from police e.g. due to court procedures, family reasons, business trip among joint ventures etc.
  • Red labelled countries:
    • Europe: Albania, Bosnia, Belarus, Kosovo, North-Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine
    • Asia: all Asian countries except for China and Japan,
    • Africa: all African countries
    • America: all American countries except for the USA
    • All countries in the Oceanian territory
  • Yellow labelled countries:
    • Europe: Bulgaria, UK, Norway, Russia, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sweden
    • Asia: China and Japan
    • America: USA
  • Green labelled countries are those not listed above

For the full overview of the Czech legislation, please see the Hungarian legislation tracker.


Stay tuned: The latest developments will be reflected in next week's article.