COVID-19 CEE Legislation Tracker: Highlights from Calendar Week 29

13 July 2020 | newsletters

In this article we provide an overview of the most recent Covid-19 legal developments across CEE. We are constantly monitoring the laws for updates. For a detailed overview, please take a look at the comprehensive cee legislation trackers.

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SME Support by AWS and ÖHT

  • 13/07: ÖHT guidelines re guarantee schemes adapted, so as to i.a. enable medium size enterprises to access COVID-19 100% and 90% guarantee schemes, even if the applicant qualifies as undertaking in difficulty pursuant to the EU-Reg 651/2014 (find more info here).  

For the full overview of the Austrian legislation, please see the Austrian legislation tracker.




Traveling to Croatia
09/07 Cruise ships with more than 200 passengers are prohibited from entering ports in Croatia.

Public transport
13/07 Face masks made mandatory for: healthcare employees, drivers or passengers in public transport, store employees and customers while inside stores, staff in the catering industry which has contact with customers or prepares food and beverages.

13/07 Reporting of social gatherings with more than 100 people is made mandatory. The organizer of such events must report the date, time, place and the expected number of people to the Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters no later than 48 hours before the gathering shall take place. Written records of participants must be kept for 2 weeks after the gathering.

Other relevant adopted legislation, decisions and ordinances rendered in relation to COVID-19
13/07 Decision on Mandatory Using of Face Masks or Medical Masks During COVID-19 Epidemic

For the full overview of the Czech legislation, please see the Croatian legislation tracker.


Stay tuned: The latest developments will be reflected in next week's article.