Slovenia: Crisis Management Checklist for CFOs

09 April 2020 | newsletters

Read and download the crisis management checklist here.

The fact that the COVID-19 epidemic will have a significantly negative impact on the economy has been more or less universally accepted. According to current projections, Slovenia will face a drop in GDP ranging from 6 % (according to the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development) to 16 % (according to the Bank of Slovenia). On the other hand, negative economic effects of the epidemic will not be evenly distributed – some companies and industries will be affected directly (and, in terms of timing, sooner) while others will be affected indirectly (and later).

What all companies have in common, however, is that we are entering into a period of financial uncertainty. In this context, the two questions most frequently asked by managers of companies are the following:

  1. What are my duties under Slovenian law in the context of general financial uncertainty?
  2. What are my options under Slovenian law in terms of adjustment/restructuring of financial liabilities?

To facilitate navigation through the uncertainty and a multitude of regulations concerning this topic, we have prepared a simple two-page overview – a "crisis management checklist" – summarising key information related to the above questions.

Furthermore, the overview lays down statutory rules enacted by the Slovenian National Assembly in the context of the anti-corona legislative package until and including the cut-off date indicated in the top right corner of the overview (i.e. including the rules which, until such cut-off date, have not yet entered into force as they have not yet been published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia). It should be noted that these regulations will likely be subject to further changes after the stated cut-off date. Therefore, monitoring legislative changes is recommended.


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