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our working vision

We are a full-service law firm with a footprint in Central and Eastern Europe providing local and international companies stellar advice.

As the go-to legal advisor for complex commercial matters in the region, Schoenherr aims to use its proximity to industry leaders, in developing practical solutions for future challenges. We keep a close eye on trends and developments, which enables us to provide high quality legal advice that is straight to the point. By pooling tech-savvy people from various backgrounds, and gathering a swarm of ideas, we take our services to the next level. 

"Schoenherr's vision is to keep on developing innovative products, opening new avenues in legal advisory. This will enable us to continue providing high quality advice and to respond to our clients' individual needs," explains Schoenherr Managing Partner Michael Lagler.

In addition to our open approach in creating and using innovative paths for the benefit of our clients, we assist with the collaboration between start-ups and corporates in a broad range of areas and industries. Find more about our legal start-up services.

Furthermore, we cooperate with various organisations supporting the region's innovative ecosystem, such as:

AustrianStartups is an independent, neutral and non-profit association by, for and of the Austrian startup community. Schoenherr has been a partner of AustrianStartups since 2016, where we guide start-ups through legal matters during the course of their development.

weXelerate is a start-up & innovation hub with a unique and thriving ecosystem of open innovation. Each year the weXelerate Accelerator supports 100 of the most promising European start-ups focusing on various industries. As channel partners of weXelerate, Schoenherr provides start-ups with regular legal advice from foundation until exit.  

Future-Law is an independent, multidisciplinary platform which aims to support the development of the legal industry with the help of technology and innovation. Schoenherr is a partner of Future-Law offering insight into legal tech and how law firms can continue to provide quality advice with the help of technological solutions.