what we are looking for

A top-tier law firm like Schoenherr not only consists of excellent lawyers, it also relies on the expertise of its skilled staff in the fields of marketing, human resources, finance, knowledge management, business operations and IT. The great effort and team spirit they contribute everyday help to maintain the top standards Schoenherr has set for itself.

We are looking for people who actively support our various departments in their steadfast commitment to providing high-quality standards. Service and teamwork are top priorities at a multinational firm like schoenherr. Given the complex situations they face, we expect our coworkers to stand out through their independent work ethic and flexible, goal-oriented approaches. schoenherr appreciates positive spirit and a can-do attitude – with our clients, as well as among colleagues.

We view supporting each and every individual on his or her career path in the best way possible as an indispensable endeavor. Our educational programs assist you in constantly progressing and developing your skills. We aim to give you every opportunity to advance your talents with us. After all: We are only as good as you are.

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