videos: what do we offer?


we never stop learning

"The law is not etched in stone," as partner and chief operation officer Gudrun Stangl knows, "our clients expect up-to-date expert knowledge." But she promises that nobody will have to face these challenges alone and gives insight into how mentors pass on their legal expertise and experience to younger colleagues in seminars, lectures, and trainings at the schoenherr academy. Her advice: "Never stop learning. Our lawyers' doors are always open! Just walk in and ask for help!"


we are international

Partner Robert Bachner illustrates how schoenherr has grown into an international law firm since the 1990’s – expanding from Austria to Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. That presence allows schoenherr to offer a one-stop-shop for its clients throughout the entire region. Cross-border work is exciting and challenging at the same time. Bachner’s career tip: “Try to see a lot of the world. Gain as many social and language skills as you can. And don’t just focus on law.”

we think outside the box

Lawyers are nitpickers? Not at all! Guido Kucsko, both a successful artist and a senior partner at schoenherr, highlights that staying creative, curious, and open-minded is essential to mastering the multifaceted challenges a lawyer faces every single day. He calls this holistic approach to the practice of law lawyering. And he promises: "schoenherr never tires in helping younger lawyers in developing these skills."