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environmental, social and governance

At Schoenherr integrity is one of our core values. Consistent with operating in accordance with our highest values, sustainability is part-and-parcel of our business model. Globally we are at a point where ESG matters are crucial to take into consideration when doing business. And so, it is our responsibility to consider the environment and become more sustainable and to be transparent in our business dealings to allow the firm to thrive. Thus, integrity guides our dealings, we are committed to empowering our people and communities, and we ensure that we have policies in place to make sure that we always act with excellence.


We recognise the importance of environmental sustainability when it comes to our work, workplace and employees throughout CEE, and we proactively employ technologies and processes to minimise our impact on the environment. By reducing our carbon footprint and the amount of energy and natural resources required to operate our business, we show our commitment to preventing environmental harm in the supply chain.  

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At Schoenherr we are committed to upholding the social principles of human rights, fair working conditions and adherence to workplace and industry health and safety standards, and are committed to supporting local communities in our jurisdictions and further afield.  

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Schoenherr's corporate governance policies are based on integrity. As a major corporate law firm, our reputation is probably our most valuable asset. We accept responsibility for what we do, and we have strong ethical principles that we refuse to compromise, whatever the incentive or pressure.

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In our legal work we advise on ESG matters as well. Find out more about our ESG know-how in our dedicated info corner.