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We recognise the importance of environmental sustainability when it comes to our work, workplace and employees throughout CEE, and we proactively employ technologies and processes to minimise our impact on the environment. By reducing our carbon footprint and the amount of energy and natural resources required to operate our business, we show our commitment to preventing environmental harm in the supply chain.  

To show that we don't merely pay lip-service to our environmental goals, we promote these goals through initiatives across our offices to reduce our ecological footprint in respect of waste management, natural resources, pollution, and emissions. We raise awareness internally so that Schoenherr members are encouraged to support our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of energy and natural resources required to operate our business.

An example of our focus on this sustainability is the "Green Building" certification of Schoenherr in Vienna which received the Green Building Award of the European Commission in 2014. In the course of a comprehensive renovation of the building we cut the building's energy requirements in half. Another way in which our commitment to minimising our environmental footprint is evident through the use of a cradle-to-cradle certified printing house for corporate publishing, using paper that has been responsibly sourced. We also avoid the use of plastic in several offices while encouraging this across the board, along with other initiatives.

In short, we hold ourselves responsible for ensuring that the way we conduct business throughout our 15 offices in 14 countries will mitigate any harm to the environment so far as is feasible.

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