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Schoenherr's corporate governance policies are based on integrity. As a major corporate law firm, our reputation is probably our most valuable asset. We accept responsibility for what we do, and we have strong ethical principles that we refuse to compromise, whatever the incentive or pressure.

The firm's Code of Ethics explains our ethical standards in specific areas and how they are set out to guide our professional behaviour.

These ethical standards extend towards our clients, naturally including confidentiality. Beyond abiding by applicable bar rules on conflict of interest, we preserve our clients' confidential information to the utmost extent. In particular we do not use confidential information for our personal gain or for the personal gain of others and are mindful to maintain confidentiality.

Further to upholding confidentiality, we avoid any act which might or does interfere with the independent exercise of our professional judgment when acting in the interest of our clients.

In addition to Schoenherr's corporate governance policies and values, we have compliance policies in place covering: Anti-Corruption; Anti-Money Laundering; Conflicts of Interest; Confidentiality and Disclosure; Data Protection and Information Security including General IT User Policy; Insider Dealings and Market Manipulation. These policies are rigorously upheld and Schoenherr members are required to pass internal online assessments in this regard.

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