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consumer protection laws

Compliance with consumer protection laws is complicated and affects all legal relationships between businesses and consumers. With the EU Commission having prioritised the strengthening of consumer rights, and consumer protection associations taking tougher measures against non-compliant companies, the risk of cost-intensive court proceedings and reputational damage for companies is high. In the event of a dispute, general terms and conditions and B2C contracts are subject to particularly strict content control by the civil courts. Violations of consumer protection regulations often cannot be remedied or can only be remedied at great expense, resulting in permanent damage to affected business areas.

  • Schoenherr's consumer protection group provides in-depth legal advice in all consumer protection-related matters.
  • We help our clients to ensure compliance with applicable consumer protection laws and regulations, litigate on their behalf, and provide instant crisis management services in situations of urgency (e.g. in the case of warning and cease and desist letters by consumer protection associations).
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Schoenherr's team of experts provide support in all consumer protection-related matters.





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