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dispute management

Schoenherr's dispute lawyers advise on all aspects and in all stages of a dispute, in all forums and jurisdictions.

"Excellent knowledge, good client relationship, fast responses and perfect negotiation skills."
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Drawing on our expertise and network, we manage our clients' disputes at all stages, forums and jurisdictions, under national or international law. 

We are known for our supra-dispute resolution perspective and pioneer solutions. Our innovative approach to investment disputes, combining remedies at the level of national, EU and international law, has revolutionised state liability and investment law.

Clients laud the arbitration team as "innovative in their thinking and approach to cases" and partner Leon Kopecky for his "refreshing view on cases".
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With our expertise, footprint, and network, we manage our clients' disputes as a one-stop-shop at all stages, including ahead and outside of trial.

We help clients select the best forum and dispute resolution method for their dispute resolution clauses. Once a dispute has arisen, we assess the strength and value of our clients' claims and legal position. We advise on case strategy and negotiations, on dispute-related politics and media, and on public statements, image and litigation PR.

We draw on a large network of the most renowned and reliable experts in their fields and industries for consultation or cooperation. As a one-stop-shop, we make sure our clients are in the best hands.

And we offer prime access to litigation funders. Having accommodated the arrival of third-party funding in CEE, we have fostered relationships with renowned litigation funders and impacted its development. Our influence and experience make us best suited to advise clients on litigation funding and support them throughout the process.

our services

  • innovative solutions at all stages
  • one-stop-shop for disputes
  • dispute resolution clauses
  • alternative dispute resolution
  • pre-trial case assessment
  • litigation PR
  • litigation funding




our team

The dispute management team is known for its supra-dispute resolution perspective and provides pioneering, straight to the point solutions.
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D.Nikolić | S.Leimüller

Cybersecurity in international arbitration: on the road towards green flags

Cybersecurity matters. In a technology-driven society, cybersecurity serves to protect all categories of digital data from theft, misuse and damage. Its importance for individuals, organisations and businesses, especially those operating with sensitive data, is on the rise as cyberattacks become more frequent and sophisticated.


10 October 2023



Easier way to switch from litigation to arbitration in Poland

While we were all enjoying the summer, new legislation amending the civil procedure came into force in Poland. Among many procedural details, one should not overlook a significant change – it is now easier to convert a dispute from litigation to arbitration.


20 September 2023


Serbia: How can corporate reputation be protected?

Corporate reputation is an organisation's most valuable intangible resource and may be defined as the public perception of the company and how it operates. It has its monetary expression and influences financial and social capital as well as market share. It can be positive and negative. Reputation is an essential aspect of any business. In today's digital age, a company's reputation can be easily tarnished through websites, social media, online reviews and news articles.