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environmental law

Schoenherr's experts provide legal advice in all environmental law matters, such as climate change, and in planning and permitting projects.

"This large international firm has an excellent reputation for its environmental practice. The team offers a full service in environmental and energy regulatory matters."
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Schoenherr is highly specialised in the field of environmental law, including climate change, planning and permitting, and is acclaimed for advisory in respect of infrastructure projects (motorways, railways, airports), renewable energy projects (hydropower, wind parks, PV, power2x, etc.) and the permitting of large industrial and commercial infrastructure. 

The team also provides advice on special industries, including pulp, paper, automotive, steel, mining, waste, wastewater, food, glass, energy, utilities, entertainment and research. The team is most prominent in EIA proceedings and nature conservation as well as planning and permitting issues, but is also highly specialised in climate change and emissions trading issues, clean-up proceedings, water rights and waste management law, forestry law, chemical and product law, public environmental liability, environmental criminal law, compliance and comprehensive due diligence.


our services

  • planning
  • construction
  • all kinds of permitting procedures (plants as well as products)
  • environmental impact assessments
  • clean-ups
  • Administrative and the Constitutional Court procedures
  • environmental liability advice
  • strategic advice
  • legal opinions
  • due diligence
  • compliance
  • preparing and assessing draft legislative bills
  • entertainment: We are experts in obtaining permits for all kinds of entertainment and sports events.
  • ski resorts: We regularly advise operators of ski resorts and ski lifts on environmental issues.
  • waste management: We specialise in regulations of waste, waste management, and the recovery of energy from waste products. We also act for public bodies and assist them in laws pertaining to waste collection, recycling and disposal.
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09 June 2021


C.Cudlik M.Kern

NFTs: What about energy and climate issues?

When we started our NFT self-experiment, it did not take long before questions relating to energy consumption came up. According to our estimates, the two transactions (i) minting of the token and (ii) authorisation of an eventual sales processing, produced a CO2-footprint of over 100 kg of CO2EQ.


31 March 2021



VwGH bestätigt UVP-Genehmigung für das Vorhaben SKW Kühtai

press release

23 June 2020



Österreich: Schönherr erreicht für TIWAG finalen Durchbruch beim Vorhaben "Speicherkraftwerk Kühtai"

Schönherr hat für die TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft AG ("TIWAG") die letzte rechtliche Hürde auf dem Weg zur Umsetzung des Vorhabens "Speicherkraftwerk Kühtai" genommen: Nachdem der Verfassungsgerichtshof (VfGH) bereits im September 2019 die Behandlung des Rechtsmittels einer Bürgerinitiative abgelehnt hat, wurden mit der nun zugestellten Entscheidung des Verwaltungsgerichtshofs (VwGH) auch die letzten Rechtsmittel von Projektgegnern gegen die Genehmigung dieses Vorhabens zurückgewiesen.



info corner

Erneuerbaren-Ausbau-Gesetz Infocorner

Der mit großem Interesse erwartete Entwurf für das Erneuerbaren-Ausbau-Gesetz (EAG) wurde gemeinsam mit Änderungen des ElWOG 2010, GWG 2011, ÖSG 2012 und weiterer Gesetze (EAG-Paket) am 16.09.2020 in Begutachtung geschickt. Im Erneuerbaren-Ausbau-Gesetz Info Corner sollen die wesentlichen Eckpunkte des EAG-Pakets dargestellt und praxisrelevante Rechtsfragen behandelt werden.

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Our team of environmental law experts advises on matters across the CEE region.

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