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date: 13 June 2024 until 15 June 2024

AIJA – Setting sails in turbulent times

13 - 15 June | Malta

A fear of the future? Cases and remedies against the rise of unpredictability in international commerce and the shipping industry

The joint seminar will explore various dimensions affecting the supply chain, not just in hindsight, but also by focusing on potential future obstacles. We'll thoroughly examine these challenges, including an assessment of pre-contractual stages and the due diligence obligations set forth by national and supranational legislation like Supply Chain Acts and the European Green Deal. Additionally, we'll delve into the rising significance of sustainable finance for ensuring the stability of transactions and the business itself, alongside the repercussions of Europe's upcoming energy transition on commercial companies. Moreover, we'll address strategies to safeguard supply chains, including long-term contracts, nearshoring, and flexible logistics solutions. We will close the seminar by debating on how to enforce contracts in unpredictable times and the challenges faced in that regard.


Join our AI expert Daria Rutecka at the following panel discussion:

"The rise of cyber risk and AI": digital services, digitising transport and growing cyber security threats

The Session will deal with the growing digitalisation of the transport industry and the connected cyber security risks

  • Marco Fehr, Fehr Legal Advice
  • Hari Krishna, Nimble Legal Consulting FZE
  • Jorian Gunst, AKD
  • Daria Rutecka, Schoenherr


Find out more about the event here.