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21 November 2018
bosnia & herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Competition Council introduces new tariffs

The Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Competition Council will apply new tariffs as from November 2018. Among these, the most significant are the increased merger control clearance fees, which have doubled.

The new tariffs increase the clearance fee for merger control decisions delivered in Phase I from KM2,500 (approximately €1,275) to KM5,000 (approximately €2,500).

Further, the fee for clearances issued in Phase II proceedings is 0.03% of the aggregate turnover, achieved by selling goods and services in the BiH market, of at least two of the undertakings concerned and is capped at KM50,000 (approximately €25,000).

The filing fee remains the same in both instances: KM2,000 (approximately €1,000).

The BiH Competition Council took inspiration for the new tariffs from those of other regional competition authorities, including the Serbian and Montenegrin commissions.

This article first appeared on International Law Office.


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author: Srđana Petronijević