19 July 2017

Bosnia & Herzegovina : New Competition Council members appointed

The process for appointing new Competition Council members began in October 2016. Six months later, the council is complete and operational.

Specific and complex rules exist for the composition of the council and for it to pass decisions.

Council members are appointed for a six-year period in the following manner:

  • the government of the federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina appoints two members;
  • the council of ministers appoints three members; and
  • the government of the Serb Republic (Republika Srpska) appoints one member.

There must be two members representing each of the three constituent ethnic groups of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ie, two Serbs, two Bosnians and two Croatians).

Further, for the council to pass a decision:

  • the session should be attended by at least five members of the council;
  • the decisions can be taken by majority rule, while at least one member from each of the three constituent ethnic groups must vote; and
  • members cannot abstain from voting.

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