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01 February 2023

COO Intro roadmap23

How has your day been so far? Maybe right now you're thinking "hectic" or "rushed". So many tasks on the to-do list, so many plans and goals to reach. So much to do and so little time.

Well, I'm not accepting that answer today. I want to know how your day has been, for real. Have you worked with people you admire? Have you solved a problem? Have you accomplished something you're proud of? Have you made someone's day? Have you enjoyed something, be it a cup of coffee or the sunshine?

I hope you have. And even if you say No, I'm willing to bet you have and simply haven't noticed.

We tend to direct our gaze forward, focused on the goal ahead. We're eager to find, evaluate and use new opportunities. After all, life is a blank sheet of paper, right? We need to give this sheet meaning, create something bigger and make use of all the pencils we can find.

This is not a bad thing, you may say, and I agree. Our ambitions are what allow us to grow and advance.

But looking at where one is right now does too. Maybe you already have a lot more than you realise. So, look again a little closer. Maybe the blank sheet doesn't need to be filled with all these colours, because it is already full of meaning.

Have an insightful read!

author: Gudrun Stangl


Partner, Chief Operating Officer

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