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01 February 2024

COO Intro roadmap24

The only constant in life is change, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said. Still, change can stir up comfort zones and make progress feel uncomfortable.

Needless to say, like any kind of leadership role, heading a law firm's business operations comes with a lot of change. If you want your organisation to become or stay innovative, there's more to it than simply knowing about change.

Especially when it comes to technology, change is not always being welcomed with open arms. So how do you ensure innovation becomes reality in your organisation, and isn't just a buzzword, or worse, a spooky threat? How do you make sure discussions about AI, for example, don't end up with people wondering "will AI replace me?"

The answer is simple: by allowing and enabling passionate people to do what they want to do. Schoenherr was founded by and with passion, having grown from a one-man show into a leading law firm covering 15 jurisdictions and many more legal areas. And passion is why we are embracing every bit of innovation, especially when it comes to technological developments.

Watch our legal tech team exploring new opportunities and you will see what passion looks like. The lively discussions between our partners, their teams and IT experts are passion personified. Besides being amazing to observe and be a part of, it is the very reason why this law firm is at the forefront of innovation, be it technological or legal. Our passion is our superpower.

I am sure that this passion will shine through the pages of our new roadmap. Enjoy the read!


Partner, Chief Operating Officer

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