18 December 2020
Schoenherr publication
czech republic

CZ: Schoenherr Journal Edition 9

The Schoenherr Journal, published by Schoenherr's Prague office, examines the latest important legal developments in the Czech Republic.

The current issue focuses on:

  • What changes in insolvency law will the second coronavirus package bring to corporate debtors and their creditors?
  • Do hackers have a right to privacy?
  • Transfer of title to real estate in a public auction
  • Does Italian coffee come from Italy? And what about the origin of Belgian chocolate?
  • The Czech Republic introduces a foreign investment verification mechanism
  • The most fundamental changes in the amendment to the Business Corporations Act
  • The impact of the amendment to the Business Corporations Act on credit financing

Download the Schoenherr Journal or read it online (available in CZ language only).

Authors: Stanislav Bednář, Claudia Bock, Vladimír Čížek, Libuše Dočekalová, Ondřej Havlíček, Kateřina Lehečková, Jiří Marek, Eva Purgerová, Natálie Rosová, Matěj Šarapatka & Monika Voldánová.