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15 May 2024
press release

Eminent CEE law firm Schoenherr structurally implements Artificial Intelligence

Elite law firm Schoenherr, which has a strong presence in 14 Central and Eastern European countries, has entered a strategic partnership with Harvey, the leading generative AI platform for the legal industry, backed by OpenAI, Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins.

Law firms worldwide are grappling with the implementation of Large Language Model-based artificial intelligence into their practices. Schoenherr, at the forefront of legal tech developments since early days, has embraced a comprehensive AI strategy to integrate the new technology into its workstreams across the CEE region.

"Our firm is strong and healthy, which is why we are investing in cutting-edge technology now," said Managing Partner Alexander Popp. "Harnessing the power of LLM solutions like Harvey will enable our lawyers to efficiently streamline time-consuming routines, empowering them to focus more on the strategic aspects of their advisory. This commitment translates to a clear added value for our clients across our 15 offices."

Being an early adopter, Schoenherr strongly believes in the competitive advantage of legal tech not only for client work, but also for upskilling its people and attracting new talents.

"In an era where technology will increasingly perform routine tasks, we must at the same time invest in further developing the human skills of our lawyers," Popp added.

Data privacy and security are essential concerns for Schoenherr. Harvey is designed around this concept. Despite evolving regulatory and security challenges, Schoenherr, with Harvey's assistance, remains committed to staying one step ahead.

About Harvey

Harvey is a generative AI platform designed to support law firms with complex legal challenges. Harvey’s capabilities span different practice areas, jurisdictions, and languages, with a distinctive ability to query multiple Large Language Models (LLMs) at the same time.

Harvey's team is a unique combination of engineers from the leading AI research labs and lawyers from renowned international firms. Its proprietary LLMs are built and specifically trained for law firms in collaboration with OpenAI.

Harvey assists with tasks such as reviewing and analysing legal documents, and answering complex questions across multiple domains. Functionalities like in-line citations with hyperlinks to sources ensure traceability and enable law firms to streamline workflows such as contract analysis, due diligence, compliance and litigation.

"We're proud to partner with Schoenherr and their team of professionals who share the same vision for transforming the legal industry," said Gabriel Pereyra, Co-founder and President of Harvey. "We're excited about the opportunity to expand our footprint across Central and Eastern Europe together."

"The Schoenherr team is pioneering innovation throughout Central and Eastern Europe," Winston Weinberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Harvey, remarked. "Their thoughtful approach to new technology and their willingness to push boundaries form a strong foundation for our partnership."


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