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17 May 2017
Schoenherr publication
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Every IPR starts with a secret

The impact on the new European Trade Secrets Directive on trademark strategy.

Trademarks and trade secrets: a paradox?

There is no doubt: once a trademark is finally yregistered, it should not be kept secret. On the contrary, this new Intellectual Property Right (IPR) should be promoted actively in order to become a widely known brand.

So, why keep the trademark a secret? Download the publication for free and get the answer.

Download the pdf here.

authors: Christian Schumacher, Guido Kucsko, Dominik Hofmarcher, Gudrun Irsa-Klingspiegl, Michael Woller, Paweł Halwa, Sorin Eduard Pavel, Urša Picelj, Ventsislav Tomov, Jelena Obradović