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01 January 2020

individually – together

The richness that flows from individuality in a common space

The art showcased in this year's roadmap has been chosen from the portfolio of several artists working in a common space at the ATELIER 10 art gallery in Vienna. ( Art needs space. Space to create, and space to display an artist's unique genius. Atelier 10 provides this. It includes a gallery for exhibitions and a studio which is a platform for artists to use free of charge and for an unlimited time while creating their art.

Despite various artists working in this space, the art produced is not collaborative. In no way is it supposed to be cohesive. Solitary artistic expression is apparent with the moods evoked often being worlds apart.

That being said, as is quite human, artists – or any people for that matter – working in close proximity often unbeknownst to them, are influenced by those around them. On looking at some of the pieces highlighted, some minor similarities in form, line movement, space, materials or tools used, start to recur. Tiny visual features, like the use of neon in different forms, pop out. This doesn't necessarily result in perceived harmony but creates an almost invisible thread linking the creative minds behind the pieces, while emphasising the strength of the artists, and certainly the richness of the gallery itself.  

Curator of ATELIER 10, Florian Reese discussed the artists, their work and the gallery with us and told us that in the exhibitions, the spotlight is placed on artists individually, since they are, after all, artists in their own right. He explained that the work reflects a mixture of poetry, beauty, ugliness, depth, myriad qualities that are all created in one space, by highly talented people. "Evident only when you look very closely, sometimes you can spot a minor collision/similarity between art works, bringing a twist of magic to the produced pieces." Florian went on to explain that it is undeniable, however, that the artists' styles and art are still strikingly different, even if they stem from the same core, ATELIER 10.