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01 January 2020

Introduction roadmap20 by Michael Lagler (Managing Partner)

It is Schoenherr roadmap time again and this year Together is the theme.

Our 2020 edition brings an extended array of legal expertise to you, including 2019/20 practice area reviews and forecasts; expert interviews; and more.

In the spirit of abundance, I am proud to report that we opened a new Schoenherr office in Linz in 2019. Adding to our already strong regional footprint, this addition is a sign of Schoenherr's strength and the successes we have achieved. These can only be attributed to the hundreds of talented individuals working together across the region, each unique, but sharing the Schoenherr sprit.

The richness that flows from individuality in a common space, is something that is also apparent when considering the art chosen this year. From the portfolio of several artists working in a common space at the ATELIER 10 art gallery in Vienna, we juxtapose works of different artists which reflect similarities despite the work having been created alone. See individually - together to get a snapshot of this studio, the intriguing work being produced there, and the notion of togetherness being created there.

Whether in law, in art, or in life, working together in-sync opens people to being more innovative. Schoenherr is a firm of innovation. Our lawyers and business professionals shape the firm and its future while upholding the integrity of the Schoenherr name throughout the region. It is an honor to lead such talented people. In 2020 we will continue to focus on providing the best legal advice to our clients, while upholding our values.

I wish you a successful year of success and meaningful change and hope you enjoy reading our roadmap20! I am sure you will find it engaging.



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