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01 January 2018

Introduction to roadmap18 by Michael Lagler (Managing Partner)

We are proud to present the 2018 Schoenherr roadmap. This year we focus on the general theme of privacy, and provide you with a 360-degree view of interesting and up-to-date aspects of the law across CEE. We again intertwine art which we feel fits in with the theme and adds aesthetic value to the publication.

The topics covered by our lawyers include among others: Banking Secrecy, Data Ownership, Confidentiality in Restructurings, Trade Secrets, Tax Secrecy vs Exchange of Tax Information, Criminal Procedural Law vs Individual Privacy / Liberty, and Data Privacy.

Our take on privacy is a blend of three elements: 
the personal element of restricting others from gaining insight into one's personal matters, or the idea of physically being apart from others; 

the legal context in which, very broadly speaking, the access to or the use of personally identifiable information is regulated; and 

the artistic perspective, where the creation of art is a very private experience, and according to our roadmap18 artist Manfred Makra, "art is the bridge from the privacy of the artist to the privacy of the beholder." 

Enjoy! We hope these legal snapshots accompany you through 2018, giving you fresh perspectives which are straight to the point.



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