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01 January 2019

Introduction to roadmap19 by Michael Lagler (Managing Partner)

We are proud to present the 2019 Schoenherr roadmap.

Voices is the title of this year's roadmap. A fitting theme considering that a lawyer is the client's voice of reason. He takes a client's instruction, refines it and navigates complexities in line with a system of rules. Ultimately, delivering a clear path to the client.

This year's roadmap provides an array of legal gems. Our experts provide up to date information on litigation funding, new trends in technology regulation, borrower / issuer side representation, cyber security, the impact of the EU anti-tax avoidance legislation, and more.

On the artistic front, we showcase a form of street art – murals, from all of our Schoenherr jursidictions. When communicating an idea through murals, an artist is not only voicing his views on a subject, but very often is also reflecting societal ideas or values. The idea that murals are available to all, free, turns convention on its head – a disruption for society's exclusive art-set. It is interesting to note that there are unwritten rules that all street artists know – they aren't necessarily adhered to, but are in existence nonetheless. Our interview with the head of the Calle Libre organisation in Vienna on page 120 sheds some light on these rules and the street art scene in Vienna and further afield.

The murals, together with our multi-faceted legal updates from all of our offices, make for a kaleidoscopic mix of information for you to take in and enjoy. We hope you find this year's articles instructive and enriching. 



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