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date: 12 December 2023

Jingle Bells, Whistle Blows - Practical questions arising during the establishment of an abuse reporting system

12 December 2023 | Hungary

The deadline is approaching, and more and more companies will be required to establish a whistleblowing, i.e. abuse reporting system. What is a good whistleblowing system? How to report there? What happens to the report, who investigates it, how and for how long? 

Among other things, our experts Alexandra Bognár, Dániel Gera and Áron Hegyi provide answers to these questions in the webinar "Jingle Bells, Whistle Blows - practical questions arising during the establishment of the abuse reporting system".  

According to the current rules, in general, all companies with more than 250 employees and certain companies subject to money laundering legislation already had to set up the abuse reporting system in the summer. What will change is that from December 17, 2023, the abuse reporting system will be mandatory for companies employing 50-249 people. Setting up and operating the system requires careful consideration, during which data protection, labor law and criminal law issues may arise at the company. If you want to proceed with caution, don't miss the free webinar. 

The presentation is divided into three main partsin the first part, after a short introduction, the speakers tell who exactly needs to set up the system, when the parent company is involved, when the subsidiary company is involved, and what special cases there are. After that, the second part, titled "How to build a really well-functioning abuse reporting system?", discusses the practical experiences that the legal speakers have gathered during their multi-year whistleblower protection activities. Finally, the focus will be on data protection issues , including how to avoid data protection fines imposed due to a poorly designed system. Our speakers also talk about notification platforms and software. 

If you want your whistleblower system to comply with the law, register for the webinar, listen to the experts, and ask your questions.


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