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02 March 2022
media coverage

Legal implications of the situation in Ukraine for Romanian companies

The military situation in Ukraine and the measures instituted by the European Union and the United Nations Security Council in this context bring a number of legal implications for companies active in Romania.

Recently some companies have received requests from their contractual partners and other interested parties to disclose the nationality or citizenship of their shareholders or associates, members of management bodies, or their business partners. In formulating a response to such requests, it is important that companies take into account not only the commercial aspects involved, but also the legal implications of their answers.

Veronica Das Alexeev, Marta Tudor and Silviu-Ioan Lazăr examined some important points to consider, including the right to information in the wider context of personal data protection, contractual confidentiality, and the necessity for companies to review their internal policies to comply with the international sanctions regime.

The article has been published in several online media outlets in Romania. Read the full article published by Ziarul Financiar (in Romanian) here.

Article was first published in Ziarul Financiar on 02.03.2022
authors: Veronica Das Alexeev, Marta Tudor and Silviu-Ioan Lazăr

Das Alexeev

Senior Attorney at Law