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09 February 2024
Academic publication

Lexology In-Depth: Acquisition and Leveraged Finance - Edition 10: Chapter Bulgaria

Bulgaria was in a situation of long political instability until recently and the situation was further exacerbated by the continuing economic hardships following the Russia–Ukraine conflict. After five snap elections in the past couple of years, however, since June 2023 Bulgaria has enjoyed a broad coalition government. Many crucial laws that were delayed due to the lack of a stable parliament are now being adopted. Despite the hardships and fuelling inflation, there has been a substantial rise in M&A activity in Bulgaria, including acquisition finance, since the end of 2022.

Read a brief overview of the legal framework regarding acquisition financing in Bulgaria, prepared by Schoenherr for the 10th edition of Lexology In-Depth: Acquisition and Leveraged Finance (formerly The Acquisition and Leveraged Finance Review) - available here.


authors: Tsvetan Krumov, Kristina Lyubenova, Milena Gabrovska, Katerina Tsoncheva