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01 February 2023

Managing Partner Intro roadmap23

Our world is a complicated and everchanging place. It feels like every time we look up, a new facet is there, another perspective that adds to our worldview. A lot of things out of our control obscure the picture even more.

In times like these, when everything seems fast, intricate and beyond our control, it is vital to zero in on what matters most. Concentrating on our priorities enables us to untangle the loud and confusing complexity and move forward. This focus can be powerful; it can guide us and help us evolve and grow. Therefore, we have chosen essence as this year's roadmap theme.

At Schoenherr, essence is important for us in two ways. The first is in how we assist our clients. We focus on the essentials, filtering out what is irrelevant. This makes us problem solvers with a clear vision, allowing us to give our clients a straightforward assessment of even the most complex matters.

The second essence has to do with our aspirations as an employer. Our Schoenherr people are the most essential part of our firm. For Schoenherr to provide a fulfilling workplace, it is important to know what is essential for our colleagues, and to focus on that. Of course, doing this is not as easy as writing these sentences. But in the end, it's what matters.

We hope you enjoy roadmap23!

author: Alexander Popp


Managing Partner

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