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01 February 2021

roadmap21 intro by Gudrun Stangl

The smooth-running of a regional law firm in the midst of remarkable change is no small feat. Leading effectively when teams are dislocated requires smart thinking and solutions to effectively adapt.

Fortunately Schoenherr prides itself on being a firm where people work together sharing common goals and values. This spirit of togetherness embedded in our one-firm approach is a part of the firm culture, which is consistently fostered to ensure the cohesion of everyone throughout our offices. So the question is: How does one share the culture when people are not under the same roof? Well, pandemic aside, with 15 offices in 14 countries – Schoenherr is used to overcoming a degree of separation, so this has not been a significant challenge for us. We quickly adapted to physical distance via virtual meetings, conferences and remote work set-ups. We rolled out several internal initiatives promoting and enriching communication between colleagues, thereby nurturing the unity of the firm. Client events, physical reunions and parties are missed, but all in all morale remains high and the firm continues to succeed.

One of the areas where our success is apparent is in Schoenherr's consistent cultivation of digital workflows. Enhancing our tech projects not only optimises processes throughout the firm, but helps us adapt to change, making it easier for us, and for our clients to continue working together – business as usual.

In the end, ensuring seamless law firm operations goes beyond innovation, tech initiatives and a willingness to be adaptable, it lies in a strong firm culture and leadership that keeps teams together. With shared goals and values, we enter 2021 with optimism, and equipped to adapt to what comes next, sustaining the success of Schoenherr, together.

author: Gudrun Stangl


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