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03 January 2022

roadmap22 intro by Gudrun Stangl

If I were asked to describe our firm's spirit, I would think of our desire to go further than expected – further than we expect of ourselves, further than our clients expect us to go, and certainly further than we have to go.

This need to move forward and to keep evolving unites us. As a diverse collection of individuals sharing this mindset, each one of us adds a different perspective and set of experiences to the mix. And that is in large part what Schoenherr is based on. Not only do we acknowledge that we have a great set of personalities, characters and attitudes in our firm, we encourage every single person to be themselves and bring themselves into their position and beyond.

This diversity is established on several levels. It means that our experts have their own very specific experiences gained in different countries, professions, and are on unique career paths. It means our colleagues speak different native languages and come with a multitude of beliefs. And it means we unquestioningly value the whole package – including all colorful facets, like citizenship, nationalities and gender.

The math works out, too. Put together the most awesome group of individuals and an inclusive mindset, and you get Schoenherr. And you go further.


author: Gudrun Stangl


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