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03 January 2022

roadmap22 intro by Michael Lagler

Life is change. When we hear the buzzwords "digitalisation" or "working from home" it is clear just how much change we constantly face. We develop - as individuals, colleagues, experts, and as a firm. We grow, we learn, develop and adapt to new challenges.

This process of evolution gives us room to improve and to explore new paths. At Schoenherr, we embrace progress, and our clients do, too. To shed light on this, showing that it can introduce us to new possibilities which help us to advance, we have decided that this year's roadmap theme is further.

We all go further and strive to grow. If you reflect briefly, you will recall many times where you overcame obstacles or tried out new things. No matter the trigger that led to the circumstances, you embraced the reality of the situation, changed course, and succeeded.

Now consider what happens when you not only observe this kind of progress, but rather by virtue of teamwork, as a company, encourage and support each other to go further. I can tell you what happens: A team of extraordinary lawyers and experts go the extra mile every day for clients, for their personal growth, and for team advancement. The result is a law firm that has grown from being a local legal advisor, to a top regional law firm with offices in 14 countries across Central and Eastern Europe.

I am extremely proud to be going further with this remarkable group of people.

Enjoy the read!

author: Michael Lagler


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