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16 December 2022

Russia Sanctions: 9th sanctions package

The ninth package of sanctions was published in the OJ (L 322I; here). Get an overview of the changes it introduces.

The package includes bans on:

  • exports of drone engines (see the new part B of Article 3k icw Annex XXIII Regulation 833/2014 regarding goods and technologies that must not be exported);
  • exports of dual-use goods and technology (see Annex VII Regulation 833/2014 with the newly added segments "electrical/magnetic components" and "machines for additive manufacturing";
  • investments in the mining sector (see the definition in Art 1 (x) and Art 3a (2) and (3) Regulation 833/2014);
  • transactions with the Russian Regional Development Bank (included in Art 5aa icw Annex XIX Regulation 833/2014);
  • the provision of advertising, market research and public opinion polling services (in Art 5n Regulation 833/2014).

The EU has also suspended the broadcasting licences of four additional Russian outlets and has sanctioned an additional 141 individuals and 49 entities (see the 49 entities added to Annex I of Regulation 269/2014).

author: Christoph Haid



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