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19 October 2017
press release

Schoenherr launches comparative internal investigations primer in CEE

Schoenherr has launched its comparative legal guide for internal investigations across ten jurisdictions in Central and Eastern Europe. 

This primer presents a general overview of the key legal issues of internal investigations. Spearheaded by partner Christoph Haid and attorney at law Klara Kiehl, the internal investigations primer is the product of 30 Schoenherr lawyers collaborating across the CEE region.

"Intensified regulatory scrutiny, a renewed focus on ethical behaviour, and increased whistleblowing activity has created an environment where our clients are increasingly called upon to conduct internal investigations regarding suspected wrongdoing. Such investigations demand tailor-made legal advice from different practice areas as there aren't usually mandatory procedural rules or forms to follow," commented Schoenherr partner Christoph Haid. Schoenherr has thus established a dedicated unit of specialists from different practice areas across its offices. These specialists assist clients in conducting internal investigations and provide the management or the boards with the information they need to make informed decisions on how to proceed in the face of alleged misconduct.

"The newly launched basic primer is an excellent example of how effective this new interdisciplinary approach can be. We wanted to create a single document that provides our clients with quick and practical answers to the most urgent criminal, employment, corporate, and data protection law questions that arise typically during an internal investigation," added Schoenherr attorney at law Klara Kiehl, who co-authored the guide alongside Christoph Haid.

The internal investigations primer will be hosted on the Schoenherr online Knowledge Portal, which is a comprehensive comparison tool used to research different legal questions across jurisdictions. The portal is designed to be user-friendly and populates answers at the click of a button. You can access the Internal Investigations Primer here.



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