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11 June 2019
press release

Schoenherr launches Dawn Raid Management App in cooperation with safeREACH

Together with SaaS provider for alerts and crisis communication safeREACH, Schoenherr has launched the Dawn Raid Management App – a legal tech solution for clients to ensure a controlled process in the event of a dawn raid.

When a dawn raid occurs, a predefined group of recipients (e.g. compliance officer, managing director, lawyers, etc.) can be informed by pressing a button on their phones. The recipients' alarms go off, even if a phone is muted, and the app enables them to take the necessary steps, share documents and communicate in a secure and encrypted way. In addition to individual guidelines and rules of conduct for the respective company, Schoenherr is also informed in real time via the app, to ensure that the necessary precautions for coping with a dawn raid are taken.

"Employees of companies are often overwhelmed by dawn raids. In stressful situations, the company's internal compliance guidelines are often forgotten. As a result, the compliance officer and external lawyers are not called in on time or the search warrant is not studied thoroughly enough. The intuitive Dawn Raid Management App supports the compliance officer with concrete instructions for action. It enables a fast flow of information between the relevant actors via an encrypted chat group function," said Franz Urlesberger, partner at Schoenherr.

Advantages of the Dawn Raid Management App at a glance:

  • Intuitive app enables fast flow of information (including alarm going off in silent mode)
  • Clear instructions for employees at the tips of their fingers
  • Secure, encrypted chat group function allowing for coordinated relay of information
  • Real-time documentation of all processes



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