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27 February 2019
press release

Schoenherr registers first ever certification mark for Styria vitalis' "Grüner Teller"

Schoenherr advised the Styrian association Styria vitalis on the registration of its quality seal "Grüner Teller", Austria's first registered certification mark.

On 1 September 2017 the certification mark was introduced in Austria following developments in EU law. Unlike conventional trademarks, this does not indicate the origin of the goods or services from a particular company, but guarantees certain quality standards of the goods or services offered under the trademark. The buyer of goods or services can rely on the fact that the products meet certain quality criteria that the trademark owner defines and verifies.

Registration has additional requirements and documents which are examined in detail by the Austrian Patent Office.

Mariana Karepova, president of the Austrian Patent Office said: "Creativity produces a great variety of products and innovations. Therefore, the protection of intellectual property also has to be diverse. For a community that sets standards and wants to enforce them, the certification mark is exactly the right thing. Congratulations to the law firm Schoenherr for taking this step with their client and bringing the first Austrian certification mark to registration."

"Following the EU-wide revision of trademark law, we have moved into new territory. There are more modern protection possibilities, but also more restrictions. As legal advisors, it is important to stay up to date and to use our know-how to draw our clients' attention to new opportunities and risks, to support them with their trademark portfolios," said Christian Schumacher, partner and IP expert at Schoenherr.

Styria vitalis is a non-profit, independent association and has promoted health in Styria since 1972. The "Grüner Teller" quality seal ensures the implementation of health-promoting minimum standards in communal catering and stands for "diversity and balance in main meals during the course of a week."



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