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31 March 2020
Schoenherr publication
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to the point: technology & digitalisation l March 2020

Welcome to our March edition of Schoenherr's to the point: technology & digitalisation newsletter!

We are excited to present a selection of legal developments in the area of technology & digitalisation in the wider CEE region.

Insights waiting for you in this edition: 

  • Introductory Note - Stanislav Bednář
  • Austria/Czech Republic: We help Start-Ups! - Thomas Kulnigg and Vladimír Čížek
  • Austria: New Covid-19 laws allow Online Assemblies for Companies- Thomas Kulnigg
  • A new global trend has reached Austria: The police is using drones in their fight against the Corona pandemic - Maximilian Trautinger and Veronika Wolfbauer
  • Your computer can help to fight COVID-19 - Maximilian Nutz
  • The Corona Virus is putting IT projects at risk - Peter Ocko
  • Cyberattacks in the light of the corona crisis - Michael Lindtner
  • Sued via WeChat? - Sara Khalil
  • AWS corona bridging loans: Potential relief for SMEs (including start-ups) - Andreas Lennger
  • Croatia stepped into the regulation of virtual currency business - Gina Grancaric
  • Testing autonomous vehicles in Slovenia – a winding road  - Jurij Lampič
  • Sustainable and digital Europe – new plans and strategies - Daria Rutecka
  • Future of digital assets - Maximilian Nutz

For further information, please contact our technology & digitalisation experts (contact details in the pdf).

Download to the point: technology & digitalisation | March 2020

authors: Stanislav Bednář, Thomas Kulnigg, Maximilian Trautinger, Veronika Wolfbauer, Peter Ocko, Michael Lindtner, Sara Khalil, Andreas Lengger and Daria Rutecka