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roadmap21: ADAPT

2020 has shown us how important adaptation is and how adaptable we are as a team. Not only the way we work changed, but many legal issues our experts advise on did too. To shed light on some legal adaptations that arose, the roadmap21 edition is entitled ADAPT.

We change perspectives and create new paths. This perspective change is valuable not only in legal work, but also in art, as Eva Schlegel makes clear in this edition. Take a look and see for yourself!

©  Roland Furian, Jasha Greenberg, Rainer Iglar, Alexander Klösch, Eva Schlegel

Cloudspace by Eva Schlegel

The "Cloudspace" pavilion is a four-metre-high and six-metre-long, walk-in sculpture, which consists of eight circular, intersected mirror discs, each with a diameter of three metres.

The sculpture is mirrored both inside and outside. The pavilion is positioned between two trees, has a heated seat ring which invites you to sit down and rest, and you can walk around and through the installation.

The material is made up of a stainless steel laminated safety mirror glass. The use of hardened special glass combines functional benefits and safety with aesthetics.

It was very difficult to develop the structure of this complex building as all the mirror elements are blended into each other, and we also had to take care of draining excessive water, wind and snow loads, as the pavilion is outdoors.

A total of about 178 m² of special mirror glass is inside the pavilion, and laminated tempered glass was used with toughened safety glass affixed to the outside. Each element is unique: in order to reduce the mechanical fuses a customised partition following the geometric order of the sections was developed (rather than a normative pattern of sizes) which led to a total of 68 unique glass panels, which were planned according to the measurement of a 3D scan of the final steel construction. After the steel construction was produced and finalised, every glass element was tested by a 1:1 wooden mock-up element and mounted on the final construction. This enabled remeasuring and adjusting of the joints. The mirror parts were mounted with special adhesive on the stainless steel construction and fixed using mechanical fuses. A 365 day sun analysis for the pavilion's geographic location helped us to ensure that no uncontrolled sun reflection would harm the surrounds.

The structure was planned so that the mirrors are inclined to rather reflect the surrounding landscape, than the viewer directly.

The "Cloudspace" pavilion offers a unique place for visitors, opening new, kaleidoscopic spaces inwards and reflecting the landscape on the outside - appearing then to dissolve, seamlessly integrating into the landscape.


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