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Life is change. We grow, we learn, develop and adapt to new challenges. This process of change gives us room to explore new possibilities. To shed light on this, roadmap22 is built on the idea of going further. It not only consists of highly interesting articles on the most important legal developments in the CEE region, but also contains extraordinary artwork that goes further through Augmented-Reality elements.

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Move, thrive, live

The world of a dancer is always moving, and so is their mind. They explore every movement anew, every time afresh, and each time it is different and feels different. But not only dancers have the urge to keep moving and going further. Times change, new challenges arise every day and we take them with grace. It is natural that we look back to the past and into the future to see where we came from and where we might be going. Still, the focus on the present and the new paths lying in front of us right now help us evolve.

My brain is constantly looking for possibilities to do something new, something different. Exploring new ways sets energy and positivity free. And I think this is not specific to a profession. Moving forward leaves doubt and negativity behind.



Even if it is a tiny step, or if it seems small – every forward-directed movement energises.

When looking around, perceiving the present and focusing on what is already there it is easy to lose sight what we have. We are striving for more, to be better. Still, without appreciating who we are and respecting what makes us us, we cannot go further.

Now that I am the mother of a little girl, I am thinking of going further in even more ways. Naturally, I am only thinking in a forward direction, towards a future of happiness and possibilities for my daughter. I can't tell her what happiness is – because it's not possible to define – but how to live fully, not standing still.

Be inspired. Listen and communicate with people. You can collect ideas about living while going further.

Manaho Shimokawa is an international performer who interpreted further through dancing for this edition of roadmap. 

going further

Watch Manaho's full dance performance and enjoy her interpretation of further

The cinematic approach to further

As an artist, I search for new possibilities and use sparks of intuition to create. Regardless the framework in which you find yourself, it is always possible to think beyond and challenge your creativity. In this project we got the chance to take a fantastic print publication further – shooting a movie that comes to life on paper.



Horacio Reyes Páez is an international film director who captured Manaho's dance performance in a unique way.



legal articles in roadmap22

Read through the roadmap22 articles to gain high-level legal insights and get an overview of the most important legal updates in the CEE region. You can read the articles online, here.