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Our world is constantly changing. Sometimes it feels like every time we look up there is a new facet or a fresh perspective to consider. When everything seems too fast-paced and complex, it is vital to focus on what is important. By concentrating on our priorities, we can untangle the complexity and move forward. This focus can be a powerful and guiding force. Therefore, roadmap23 is built on the idea of essence.

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"Simplicity is not simple"

Ida Vikfors sees herself as a minimalist artist. She works with different materials, surfaces and textures. Her artwork is laser focused, forgoing distracting or agitating details. It captures the present moment and gives room for the essential.

Straight lines, neutral colours, monochrome surfaces, textures. Ida's art is honest and simple, giving herself – and the viewer – space to focus. But simplicity itself is not simple, Ida says. It is complex.



To find that simplicity, Ida looks more with her hands than with her eyes. When engaged in the creative process her thoughts stop racing and everything around her fades almost into irrelevance. There is only her and the specific feeling she wants to explore. A feeling that a certain texture or detail in her environment releases. Being present in the moment, focusing on its essence – this is what counts.

But the experience does not end with the finished artwork. On the contrary. The artwork is part of its environment and is constantly changing, just as daylight turns to dusk. It is an invitation to focus on the artwork and its facets, and on oneself. An invitation to perceive the essential and appreciate it.


The essential legal topics

roadmap23 not only represents the concept of essence artistically, but also in its legal content. It contains highly interesting articles on essential legal developments concerning our clients, structured into the following chapters: ESG, digital universe, knowledge as an asset, and local treasure

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