how to apply

apply online

Send us your CV, motivation letter and reference letters, or apply for a specific job opening.



You will receive feedback within two weeks.



Should your application meet our needs, we will contact you via e-mail or by telephone to arrange a first interview.



In your first interview we will share information about the firm and get to know you better.

what do you need for your application

E-mail address and telephone number
An e-mail address and valid telephone number are crucial in the recruiting process. Please double-check the information before you send in your application.

CV with photo
An updated CV is very important for your application. It gives us a first impression of your qualifications and your interests.  

Letter of motivation
Please make sure to mention the position you are applying for, any relevant experience and your motivation for applying to Schoenherr. Please also address the letter of motivation to the correct contact person in our company.

School/University transcripts
Transcripts are vital for us too. We need to get an initial idea of your school or university results to see how you are doing.

Reference Letters
Reference letters are equally important. They give us an impression of how you act and interact with others on a day-to-day basis.