training & development

It takes more than great lawyers to make a great law firm. A top-tier law firm like Schoenherr not only consists of excellent lawyers, it also relies on the expertise of its skilled staff in the fields of marketing, human resources, finance, library, business operations, IT, legal assistants and paralegals. The great effort and team spirit they contribute everyday help to maintain the top standards Schoenherr has set for itself.

For members of Schoenherr's business professional and legal assistant teams we have launched the Schoenherr Academy Support – a training programme to develop skills and knowledge useful for assisting our lawyers in their day-to-day work. The work quality of our business professional and legal staff is essential to maintaining the firm’s outstanding reputation for the highest-quality representation of its clients. Schoenherr Academy Support includes various sessions like working with excel and power point documents, internal software application, as well as language courses and soft skills training.