Welcome to the Schoenherr alumni network, a group dedicated to former Schoenherr lawyers who want to stay in contact with fellow alumni, stay in touch with the firm and develop new connections.
The Schoenherr alumni network seeks to provide a platform to stay in touch with friends, as well as to enhance new connections, share experiences, ideas and insights, and gain access to learning and networking opportunities and knowledge – all this with likeminded people: extraordinarily well-educated lawyers who think out of the box.

Let’s connect and stay in touch!

Our program welcomes all Austrian and Austria-based lawyers who have worked at Schoenherr in the past. Register here to join and enjoy benefits of the Schoenherr alumni network:

  • search our people directory through our LinkedIn group with current and former colleagues and connect
  • renew friendships and relations at alumni events
  • be alerted to career opportunities at schoenherr, post and apply for job vacancies
  • receive access to our bespoke legal training at schoenherr academy, seminars and conferences
  • receive the firm & alumni news
  • order Schoenherr publications online

Make sure to join our LinkedIn alumni group to connect to our directory and link up with current and former Schoenherr lawyers.