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Schoenherr's arbitration experts successfully advise on large, complex investment and commercial matters across all industries.

"Schoenherr [is] the best in the market when it comes to international arbitration."

At Schoenherr our arbitration practice is among the most successful in the world. It is the "most impressive" (gar awards), and the busiest and most significant in the region, both in commercial and investment arbitration.


We handle some of the largest and most complex commercial disputes around. Our expertise runs deep and across industries, including banking, pharma, telecom, construction, m&a, energy, media and automotive.

In investor-state disputes, we have had a significant impact on investment protection regimes. And success. Our track record speaks for itself: we are "unbeaten at ICSID".

And our team continues to make headway, acting as counsel in high-profile international arbitrations and sitting as arbitrators in matters before leading arbitral institutions.

Our clients rely on us to deliver innovative solutions. And we do – efficiently and cost-effectively – at the same time matching top tier arbitration firms worldwide in terms of number and complexity of cases, quality of advocacy and internationality of clientele.

Clients appreciate our innovation, efficiency, and the skills and expertise of our team, calling us the "best in the market" for arbitration:

"The [arbitration] team is … innovative in their thinking and approach to cases"
Legal 500

They "have a pragmatic approach, are fast and cost efficient."
Legal 500 

"We have not come across any other firm that delivers this level of legal advice and advocacy, whether in writing or orally, in a range of languages. In our opinion, Schoenherr leave their competitors far behind."


our services

  • international arbitration
  • commercial arbitration
  • investment arbitration
  • state liability litigation
  • award annulment proceedings
  • award enforcement proceedings
  • arbitrator appointments



our team

Our arbitration experts act as counsel in high-profile international arbitrations and sit as arbitrators in matters before leading arbitral institutions.

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media coverage

10 October 2021


C.Lindinger S.Lukic

Investitionsschutz kommt innerhalb der EU zu kurz

Auf Verlangen der EU-Kommission wurden bilaterale Abkommen zur Einsetzung internationaler Schiedsgerichte gekündigt. Bis dato hat Brüssel es aber verabsäumt, für einen alternativen Rechtsschutz abseits der einzelstaatlichen Gerichte zu sorgen.


10 August 2021



Handbuch Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit und ADR


myCommunity. myProfession. myArbitration.

In ever-changing circumstances, adaptability is gold. And the traditional dispute resolution practice in CEE has been ridden with change in the last few years – modernised, advanced, improved. 


COVID-19 and investment protection

As the world grapples with COVID-19, we are seeing some of the most unprecedented State measures of our time. 


14 December 2018



Austria: Efficient Arbitration - Part 5: The Prague Rules: An Inquisitorial Alternative

The most recent article in our Efficient Arbitration Series looked at how document production, when handled properly, could save time and costs in arbitration proceedings.