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01 October 2017

Competition Authority to monitor mobile phone retail market

In September 2017 the Competition Authority officially closed the investigation into the mobile phone retail market which it opened earlier in 2017 following three complaints regarding alleged coordinated practices and potential abuse of dominant position.

The authority investigated the allegation that three telecoms operators coordinated the change of standard prepaid packages.

The authority closed the investigation and issued the following recommendations:

  • The Electronic and Postal Communications Authority, which regulates the electronic communication market, should ensure the right of customers to be duly informed about:
    • mobile service operators;
    • standard package price; and
    • unit price for each service within the package.
  • The Consumer Protection Commission should observe price transparency, especially in the change or withdrawal of new packages.
  • Telecoms operators should apply and publish the unit price for each service within the package.

The authority will continue to monitor the mobile phone retail market until October 2018.

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author: Srđana Petronijević