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01 February 2023

Digital tools that will improve the operation and security of Polish companies

Since July 2021 all company registrations in the Polish companies register (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy - KRS) are made though the court register platform (Portal Rejestrów Sądowych - PRS), on which new features were recently introduced.

The first is a newsletter tool that allows alerts for up to 50 companies to be received free of charge. Its aim is to increase security and prevent third parties from "stealing" companies. Subscribers receive e-mail alerts within a few minutes of submitting a new application to the KRS with a case file number or from the moment of a new entry in the KRS. Such information will allow a shareholder or director to be alerted in time and to take appropriate measures with the court to suspend the proceedings until further justification.

There is also a new search engine for the Court and Economic Journal. Until September 2022 the Journal was accessible only in PDF and one either had to go through all past editions in PDF or rely on paid, unofficial third-party search engines to check for announcements. Now it is possible to search all announcements for a single entity, information on court cases or all announcements with a particular word, making it easier to obtain information and verify business partners.

Also on the agenda, though currently delayed, is the introduction of compulsory electronic deliveries of correspondence from public authorities to, among others, Polish companies. The exact date of implementation, no later than 1 January 2024, will be indicated by the Minister of Technology in an official announcement. All companies will be obliged to apply for an address for electronic deliveries, which will also be automatically disclosed in the KRS. In the meantime, nothing prevents companies from applying for the address earlier and receiving correspondence in electronic form if a relevant public authority already has the technical means to send it.

author: Agnieszka Stawiarska


Attorney at Law