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31 March 2020
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We help Start-Ups!

In an attempt to help start-ups during the current corona situation obtaining the much needed financial liquidity support from their shareholders or other investors, we put together a short and simple forward equity agreement, the "Simple Equity Investment Contract (SEIC)"

The SEIC can be the basis for allowing investors to invest into the start-up and convert the investment at a later stage into equity of the company. It is similar to a SAFE or a convertible loan. The SEIC is currently available for two jurisdictions: Austria and Czech Republic.

The Austrian SEIC and the manual can be found here:

The document is subject to Austrian law and it is tailor made for Austrian start-ups. For further questions, comments or suggestions regarding the SEIC in general or the Austrian version as such, please contact Thomas Kulnigg, partner.

The Czech SEIC and the manual can be found here (amongst other useful templates). It reflects upon Czech law specifics and is tailor made for the Czech start-up environment. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions around Czech SEIC, please contact Vladimír Čížek, partner.

All the best – stay safe (and liquid)!



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